What we do

SmartSys WorkGroup is committed to creating an open platform for cultural and academic exchanges for people who are keen to develop artificial intelligence and its industrial construction. It assists every scholar, engineer, and entrepreneur who is interested in the research and development of intelligent systems and networks, and everyone interested in artificial intelligence and related industries. To enhance communication, SmartSys WorkGroup will also regularly carry out a series of useful communication activities such as workshops, seminars, conference and so on.

At the same time, SmartSys Group also undertakes various technology development and project implementation tasks, mainly involving areas of computational intelligence, machine vision, embedded intelligence, artificial intelligence electronics, intelligent networks, autonomous systems, virtual reality and advanced human-computer interaction, and so on. Application areas include Fintech, e-commerce, medical health, smart agriculture, agricultural and forestry management, environmental protection, cyberpsychology, and interactive education and reinforcement learning.

To popularize the knowledge of the artificial intelligence industry, SmartSys WorkGroup also provides teaching activities such as tutorials and courses. In this big family, everyone helps each other to start a new chapter.