Team Smart Business, Fintech, and Commerce (TSBFC) carries out a project to provide systematic solutions for smart business management with Intelligent Computing.

Coordination behavior has an impact on team behavior at the organizational level. Recently, TSBFC researches the organizational learning and effectiveness of a coordinating team under the conditions of different members’ self-recognition and communication. Based on the establishment of a qualitative analysis of organizational learning behavior models, the four main information processing behaviors of concept generation, communication acquisition, coordination and integration, and knowledge formation are proposed, and carried out through self-cognition, communication intensity, member composition, and organizational structure Quantify and build computational models.

Organizational Learning Process (Copyright: TSBFC, KATE Lab, SmartSys WorkGroup)

In order to discuss the impact of organizational nature on learning efficiency, TSBFC tests the impact of different parameters on organizational learning behavior through model tests and scenario experiments under the structure of a standardized network and explained this relationship through quantitative analysis. The test and analysis results show that the conclusions obtained through the proposed model are consistent with the actual situation, and can reveal the quantitative parameter relationships, providing a favorable support for accurate management.