Every year, Australia suffers from the threats of undesired bush fire incidents, and this year, the situation becomes serious especially during the period from Nov. 6 – 8, 2019. In December, harmful smog has even raised Sydney to the top 10 worst air quality in the world.

The correlations between bush fire and meteorology have studied for a long time, but the clear conclusion has not been reached, especially when considering the impact of pre- and post-effect caused by bushfires on domestic and global climate and environment.

SmartSys WorkGroup starts to conduct a research project Bushfire Event & Effect Perception (BEEP) to provide a solution with hybrid sensing CPS to monitoring the areas from macro-micro-scale analytical perspectives.

The project will be mainly responsible for the Intelligent Sensor Networks and Autonomous Systems for Advanced CPS under the SmartSys WorkGroup, assisted by the ICSO Group (Intelligent Computing and Strategies Optimization for Smart Systems) and the SBFC Group (Smart Business, Fintech, and Commerce with Intelligent Computing). The project will mainly conduct in-depth research and development in key areas such as ecological monitoring, meteorological interaction and fire prevention dispatch.